Palestinian Leadership Saved By Suitcase Loaded With Cash

Palestinian Leadership Saved By Suitcase Loaded With Cash

The Palestinian leadership, experiencing an ongoing cash crunch because the civilized world refuses to support its unachievable vow to destroy Israel, suffered the indignity of being assaulted by its own unpaid workers, who shouted “We are hungry!”

But, just in the nickel of time, the Palestinian Foreign Minister managed to smuggle a suitcase loaded with $20 million in cash into Gaza. He had slipped in from Egypt, on his way back from a successful begging trip to Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, China, Pakistan, Iran and Egypt.

Evidently, he was not the first Palestinian emissary to attempt a cash run, but his predecessors ran into unexpected obstacles on the way across the border.

Is this or is this not a ludicrous condition to bring a people to who have aspirations of statehood and an inalienable right to at least a pinky of dignity. But then the poor misguided slugs did vote Hamas in, so they did play a part in bringing such embarrassing travail on themselves.

Question is, how long will Hamas keep its populace on the rack before the surprisingly elected organization realizes that, if it wants a state, the first thing it has to do is recognize the right of its neighboring state to exist.

One wonders how long the inconvenienced Mahmoud Abbas, sensible and promising moderate that he is, can witness the indecisive idiocy and its debilitating effects without attempting to take effective action. Since he is dealing with such an misguided opposition, we must wish him safe passage through the intricacies of his far wiser enterprise.